Notables Buried at Oconee Hill Cemetery

The community surrounding Athens and the University of Georgia has long been known as an area rich in its production of some of the most notable individuals in the South. Contributions in government, medicine, sports, and music are hallmarks of these individuals.

Among those interred at Oconee Hill Cemetery are several former University of Georgia presidents, or chancellors as they were once known, including Alonzo Church, Patrick Hues Mell, Walter Barnard Hill, David Crenshaw Barrow, and Omar Clyde Aderhold. Two Georgia governors have their final resting place at Oconee Hill, Wilson Lumpkin and Howell Cobb. The first chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court Joseph Henry Lumpkin can be found here as well as four Confederate generals (and veterans of all wars fought by Americans including the American Revolution). Numerous Congressmen and the former U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk are buried at Oconee Hill. Crawford Long, acknowledged for the discovery of anesthesia, is buried at Oconee Hill, as is William Lorenzo Moss, who developed a method of classifying blood groupings. Hymn writer David Bledsoe, Georgia's first aviator Ben Epps, and Ricky Wilson, guitarist for the rock band B 52's, are all buried at Oconee Hill.